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TR Electro Stereo Ltd. Is the official importer of the innovative product line of TANNOY in Israel.


Over 80 years of creativity.

A minority of companies in the world can boast that have affected culture for such a long period of time as TANNOY, established in 1926, can! TANNOY have influenced culture so much so that the word TANNOY is now part of the English language meaning distributing sound (especially with sound amplification systems) .

TANNOY carry many different products series which correspond with home environment and business environment being consumer customized adhering his quality needs. Its activity is centered around several major audio areas: home audio, speakers installation and Studio controllers. Using any of the TANNOY’s products is a fun, total, quality experience. It allows you to feel and be moved: “Being right there.”

T. R. group is proud to be the exclusive representative of TANNOY in Israel and to include TANNOY ‘s product range in the group’s solutions cart.


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