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TR Electro Stereo Ltd. is the official importer of TVIX in Israel offers a response for the innovative product line of TVIX.

DViCO Ltd. Is a global leader in the development of video products, multimedia and storage products. Likewise, the company offers an array of multimedia players and a wide range of broadcast TV reception card for computer users.

Its most innovative technology, investment in research and development, design and development of products has led DViCO’s dramatic growth since its inception in 1998.

DViCO was founded in 1998, and in no time became one of the most innovative companies in the field of multimedia players and television receivers for computers.

With its revolutionary production line, it has become one of the world’s leading multimedia brands. By its experience and expertise in combining television products with computer technology, DViCO has changed and developed the IT industry in general.

DViCO products are distinguished by characteristics of innovation, manufacturing quality, functionality and design.

T. R. group is proud to be the exclusive representative of the TVIX in Israel and to include its range of products in the group’s solutions cart.

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