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TR Electro Stereo Ltd. Is the official importer of Klipsch products in Israel providing response to the innovative product line of Klipsch.


KLIPSCH is one of the most veteran speakers company in U.S. and the world. Established in 1946 by Paul Klipsch, that was at his times the best known speakers engineer in the U.S. with the intention of producing the world’s best speaker. Klipschorn Klipschorn (which is patented) is a speaker being manufactured to this day.

Since, KLIPSCH that became a sized incorporation and an owner of several companies in the field, presenting an array of speakers, headphones and docking stations with incredible quality . KLIPSCH customers are addicted to its products’ sound and the love is handed down from one generation to the next.

If you have not heard a KLIPSCH Speaker? You haven’t heard yet an addicting sound!

T. R. group is proud to be the exclusive representative of KLIPSCH in Israel and to include KLIPSCH’s product range in the group’s solutions cart.

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