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TR Electro Stereo Ltd. Is the official importer of Clipsal in Israel

Clipsal was established in 1923 and deals with a wide range of solutions for electrical systems , ranging from cables through protection of electrical equipment up to computerized control systems for building and energy efficiency.

Australian Clipsal is considered a market leader in the Australia / New Zealand region and is active in about 40 countries around the world.

Clipsal Systems hold a very wide range of controllers: lighting dimmer Controllers, on / off controls, shutter / curtain controllers including Higor between commands, air-conditioning controllers, and so on.

There are eight different families of smart switches in five glass finishes or five metallic or plastic colors, which allow the customer a variety of options.

Clipsal systems have wireless switches with radio frequency technology authorized by the local Ministry of Communications.

The advantage of using these switches is that there is no need to change the electrical infrastructure but only to replace the “regular” switches with those new switches, which can perform several actions such as turning on and off of the circuit to which it is connected, dimmers, setting group activation, scenarios.