TR Electro Stereo established in 1986, has established in 2000 a subsidiary which specializes in market Characterization and installation of audio, video, control systems and wise electric power systems.  Ever since, the company is an installation industry leader in Israel.

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Optimum comfort 

Nowadays, living in an era where consumers are looking for optimal comfort, TR Electro Stereo, through its resellers, provides a unique approach and solution for it. The company’s product range is carefully selected in order to produce synergy and one integral system which will provide an experience like no other. Thousands of families in Israel enjoy each and every day our products range. They open the day with their favorite music playing throughout the house, control their home electricity from anywhere and everywhere, watch movies in their home theater and enjoy the sight and sound experience like no other.

 “Smart Home”

Those are big words, but what do they actually mean? “Smart home” is actually the option to control your home appliances through a centralized control system. That is, that from anywhere inside (and outside) the house you can turn off, turn on the various systems operating in the house.

At the same time you can produce complex scenarios that employ multiple systems simultaneously. As a result, a single click can dim the lights, close the curtains, and turn on your home theater system and many more optional scenarios. Our programmers will create a new living experience for you by using comfortable and simple activating systems.



Personal and professional guidance

Prior, during and following each sale T. R. accompanies its authorized resellers. Through training and coaching they are able to suggest the adequate product for you, using our current highest quality product range along with our highest quality service of our advanced laboratory, we do anything possible to make our clients satisfied. Our decades of experience, along with our constant pursuit of innovation and a perfect product mix, make us the most appropriate partner for your home.

Are you dreaming of a smart home?

Do you want to listen to quality Sound anywhere in the home?

Do you want full control of your home?

Any dream you’ve ever dreamt or even the one you didn’t believe is ever possible … we will turn it into a reality for you.

Any question you have or any need for advice you have? Contact our customized installations department:

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