About T.R. Electro Stereo LTD

Established in 1986, T.R. Electro Stereo is Israel's largest importing marketing and distribution group of audio, video, controls and wise electric power Solution products.

The company is active in several major categories including audio and video products , DJ systems , custom installations, , wise home electric power systems and relating accessories, all distributed through a network of over 600 resellers across Israel's local market .

In 2009 a subsidiary, Clear Entertainment Electronics, was created, with the intention of marketing LOEWE of Germany high end products.

Over the years the super brands such as DENON and BOSTON were added to the groups' products mix.


Our Vision

Be a true partner of our customers.

TR Electro Stereo, being a leading importing, marketing and distributing of audio, video, control and wise electric power solution, must create added value for its partners: suppliers, distributors, customers, employees and shareholders. For satisfying this value chain, the company acts each and every day on fulfilling the needs of each partner of this chain.

Since 1986 the company is heading in one definite direction: Forward ahead. It's technologically progressive, progress in service, in marketing and in the use of advanced distribution systems. A proper and lateral use of this mix has turned the group into a worthy partner and representative in marketing our suppliers' products in Israel. T.R. will maintain its market leadership while adhering to the company's values ​​ .

We do not sell products, we provide solutions.

TR Electro Stereo is and will be a solutions' home for its customers. Our vast market experience enables us to identify the constantly evolving trends. TR Electro Stereo would make sure its resellers will be provided with the best product mix match the call of time for meeting any of its customer's demand.




We live in an era where level of differentiation between products keep decreasing and thus, the manner through which T. R. can stand out in the market is through Service. Starting with quality customer service, through laboratory services up to sharing information and coaching our resellers , T. R. is and will continually labor on providing the best service ever, the very service both suppliers and customers expects.

Smiles. We want to generate smiles.

Just imagine yourself, at the end of a hard days work, sitting down in the living room and with a single click you switch atmosphere, the house lights dim slowly, curtains closing and the air conditioner supplies the temperature you like. On a giant screen your favorite artist starts singing, and high quality sound envelops all around you. It's that smile that we have provided and will continue to provide for many years to come.